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Chiang Mai Thailand
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The 21st century has come up with tons of reasons for making us fall prey to the stressful living that we are facing. The popularity of corporate world contributes hugely to the making of a society that is filled with diseases and poor lifestyles. Rishikul Yogshala presents Yoga studio in Chiang Mai Thailand with an aim to counter this issue of hectic living style. Witness your health goals becoming true with the help of yogic training and teachings.

About the Program:

The primary goal of the Yoga studio is to introduce the local citizens of Chiang Mai with the goodness of Yoga. Along with acquiring the basic knowledge of Yoga and its exercises, the training will help you maintain the overall fitness.

Program Highlights:

• Introduction to Yoga and its various types in the theoretical form.
• Daily practice of the Yoga asanas for physical benefits such as improved circulation, body strengthening, etc.
• Learn about the basic principles of Yoga to implement in daily life.
• Practice and training of Meditation, the mindful exercise for ultimate peace.
• Get acquainted with the wide-ranging benefits of Pranayama in boosting the metabolism in the body while you practice the breathing Yoga every day in the studio.
• Know about the Ayurvedic science and its healing effects on the body and health.
• Yoga for stress management and disease relieving.
• Higher level Yoga asanas for strengthening the body muscles.
• Daily one to one talk with the trainers regarding personal and professional issues.

About Rishikul Yogshala: One of the household brand names in the field of Yoga education, Rishikul Yogshala has been serving the Yoga community since 2011. Having established itself as a global Yoga TTC institute, the Yogshala aspires to make the authentic form of Yoga training available for common citizens as well. Apart from conducting Yoga TTC and Yoga retreat in Thailand and other five countries of the world, the Rishikesh-headquartered Yoga school organizes health-oriented Yoga classes in Chiang Mai.

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