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Pandit NM Shrimali one of the Best Astrologer in India says, in ancient Shastras and Vedas, Goddess Lakshmi is revered with much importance. Kamal Gatta ki Mala is very dear and auspicious to Goddess Lakshmi. In all the parts of the Lotus, the seed of Lotus is the dearest to Goddess Lakshmi. If Kamal Gatta Mala is placed in a house is it is considered as the abode of the Goddess Lakshmi. It is considered very auspicious for the gain of wealth and riches. Goddess Lakshmi resides in the Lotus. One should bring Kamal Gatte Ki Mala to appease Goddess Lakshmi.

Pandit Ji says, Goddess Lakshmi blesses the person with wealth and riches who wears Kamal Gatte ki mala. It is also helpful in meditation. If Kamal Gatte ki mala is used systematically with the chanting of the mantras, it is sure to give enormous wealth and prosperity to the devotee. Shrimali Ji says, it enables a person to have the courage and knowledge to overcome the difficulties and obstacles faced by him in his life. It also provides tolerant power to the bearer and brings positivity and self-control in life. Before wearing Kamal Gatte Ki Mala one should meditate while keeping a stone in the hand and we should remind us of the qualities that we want to integrate with it.

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According to Pandit NM Shrimali, Best Astrologer in India. Sandalwood is considered as the purest substance and is considered very valuable for its cooling properties and also for its medicinal properties. Red Sandalwood is the representation of Brahma and blessed by Lakshmi. Shrimali Ji says Red Sandalwood Mala is useful to appease the goddesses. Pandit Ji advises. turning the Red Sandalwood Beads while chanting is beneficial as it has curative properties that amplify calmness and creates a positive frame of mind. Red Sandalwood beads release vibrant energy and provide bravery, strength and willpower. It has a warming effect and improves circulation in the body and protects from negative energies. It has a preventive action against indigestion and fever.


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Pandit NM Shrimali one of the Best Astrologer in India says the Business Is a perfect combination of brains and luck. A Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra is installed to increase the business of a person. You may have all the qualities of a perfect businessman, but sometimes due to bad luck, the business doesn’t flourish even if hard work and full efforts are put into it, even the factors are also not known. So wearing a Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra may prove helpful in such cases and can give a speculative improvement in the business and bringing about peace and prosperity.

Pandit Ji says, Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra is not only useful for business performing persons but also for those who perform service or job. Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra is devoted to Lord Ganesha who is also known as “Vighnaharta”, the one who removes obstacles from the life of the devotees. Hence any person who establishes a Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra is blessed by Lord Ganesha, which results in removing of all the problems and attainment of prosperity and wealth. It helps the person in attaining overall success and prosperity. Brings fortunes to the businessmen. Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi.

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Pandit NM Shrimali one of the Best Astrologer in India says Green Hakik is a semi-precious stone that can be used as a replacement for precious stones and provides equal effects as them. It is believed to be a very peaceful stone and can be used to pacify nervous persons and remove negative thoughts and energies. It relieves and protects the wearer from the diseases related to the heart and abdomen. Green Hakik Mala can also be used in the performance of many types of sadhanas. It is very beneficial to the person who is suffering from the malefic effects of Planet Mercury. Green Hakik stone can also be used as a substitute of emerald.

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Pandit NM Shrimali one of the Best Astrologer in India explains Lord Ganesha is also called Ganapati, Vinayak etc, is the most worshipped deity of the Hinduism. He bears an elephant head. Lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles from the devotee’s life. He is the patron of arts and science and the lord of intellect and wisdom. Lord Ganesha is always worshipped at the first place at the start of the ceremony of pooja. He is also worshipped at the start of writing and learning sessions.

Pandit Ji says, Ganesha is also known as the Vighnaharta. Lord Ganesha is also associated with the power of Buddhi and logical reasoning capability. Shrimali Ji says crystal Lord Ganesha idol in a seated position holding grace and weapons provides a very joyous sight to the observer. Crystal Ganesh idol should be placed in the house at the pooja Isthal to get blessings of the Lord Ganesha. It brings harmony, balance in our life. It also attracts more wealth, happiness and prosperity. The Lord Ganesha idol should be placed in such a way that the back of the deity faces the outside of your house. Place the crystal Ganesha idol in the northeast corner of the house.

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Pandit NM Shrimali one of the Best Astrologer in India explains, “Japa” is a Sanskrit word which means chanting a word repetitively or the recital of the hymns. Japa also refers to the mediation which is performed while keeping a focus on a particular object of divinity. A spiritual rosary or Japa Mala is required for the practice of Meditation, as it acts as a meditation aid.

A Rudraksha Mala has 108 beads for counting and one bead which is known as a Bindu. Malas are a medium to concentrate and focus on the Mantra which we are chanting. They are used to make our mind focus the attention is drawn to the sound of the mantra and we can become focused on meditation, which helps in removing unwanted negative thoughts and distractions.

Pandit NM Shrimali one of the Best Astrologer in India says The tortoise is one of the four celestial animals is regarded much by the Chinese people and the believers as the generator of the harmony, sustenance and perseverance. It is a very important item in the Feng shui landscaping. Shrimali Ji says, If a tortoise is displayed in the north sector of the premises then the person will get good rewards from this creature. There are two generations of the offspring of the tortoise back and as a Fengshui symbol it represents excellent descendent Luck and depicts the success that a man can get if a man starts a family with his partner.

According to Pandit Ji Tortoise can be used as a Fengshui Triple Turtle Family item at home or office for The Tortoise provides good luck, good health and long life for all the members of the family if it is installed in the eastern part of the house. If it is kept at the main entrance facing outside it protects the family members against the illness and oncoming dangers and protects them against potential dangers of an accident. If the tortoise is placed at the top of the bed then it helps to prevent anxieties related to sleep and insomnia, it also calms the children afraid of sleeping alone. This Fengshui item acts as a guardian to the person who beholds it.

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